Kami – Enterprise Class Home Security at Competitive Prices

Joanna lives in a single family townhome in Santa Clara, CA. As an ambitious career executive running her own startup, she is no stranger to working long hours and routinely comes home late in the evening. After a particularly exhaustive day, she came home, ate dinner and promptly fell asleep. Before dawn, she was awakened by a loud thud on her front door. She could hear loud voices asking her to open the door. Half awake and groggy, she obliged.

“Are you okay, ma’am?”  asked the police sergeant, his voice showing signs of mild irritation. “ Yes, I’m okay,” replied Joanna. “We received a call from your security service provider that there was a break in. You did not respond to their call. We get quite a few calls like these every week,” gruffed the sergeant. Then he asked, “ May I take a look inside?”

A few minutes later, it was established that like 98% of the other call-center-driven “Home Intrusion” calls, this was also a false alarm. Joanna was reprimanded. Her punishment could have been worse, as some counties slap a fine for false calls, all for falling asleep after a hard day’s work and her phone battery draining out. Seemingly mundane things that happen to most of us on a regular basis.

According to ADT’s website, the cost of false alarms is $1.8B/Year and 85% of those false alarms are generated by user errors. These systems from most mainstream service providers are complex in nature and unfortunately for their customers, city fire departments have instituted policies for fining people for false alarms, even on a first-time error.

With over 2 Million home burglaries every year in the US, security systems have become every homeowner’s “must have”. Consumers have quite the myriad of systems to choose from and sometimes the selection process can become a burden. From professionally installed and monitored systems to a basic camera and sensor, the choices are seemingly endless. The key differentiator is recurring cost and the benefits derived by the consumer according to 2018’s Consumer Report.

At one end of the security system spectrum are wireless-based cameras such as Wyze, which are typically fixed function. Their baseline cameras retail for $26 and additional features, such as pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, can be purchased for $36. The challenge with these solutions is that it can be difficult to decide which solution works best for you, the customer.

YI Technology seeks to provide a solution that will bridge the gap between feature-rich hardware and a robust cloud monitoring solution, but at a price that will appeal to consumers. As a company, YI strives to provide the best in class AI, Privacy and Enterprise-level security with its line of Kami products. Kami is a smart camera system with precise user-controlled privacy modes and various add-on sensors.